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2022 Chick Day Availability

For the 2022 Chick Season, the hatcheries that we work with have made some changes regarding availability for the upcoming season. Unlike in years past, we’ve had to commit to quantities of Poultry well in advance this year. These are placeholder numbers to assure that we will receive what we have committed to. We may not be able to go above and beyond the pre-allocated numbers. We’ve done our best to allocate as accurately as possible based on previous year’s numbers, without going overboard.


What this means:

We strongly encourage you to get your orders in well in advance of the order deadline for your desired pick-up date. Regardless of the printed order deadline, we may be forced to stop accepting orders ahead of that deadline, should we hit our allocation. In the event that we go over our allotment, the earlier that we know this, the more likely we are able to increase our quantities on any given pick-up date.


This may end up being a non-issue and we may not have any availability issues; however, the hatcheries are being very leery on making any guarantees this season. We wanted to be upfront with our customers from the beginning so that there are no surprises. As always, should we run into supply problems, we will happily work with you to find the best possible solution.


Please print out the order form(s) and submit them in person at one of our retail stores.


Thank you for your understanding.


Explore our chicks below!


Rhode Island Reds

$3.29 each

This “old-time breed” is very dark red in color. They are good producers of brown eggs.

Barred Rock

$3.29 each

This breed is one of the oldest and most well-known across the country, they are great family birds (kid-friendly), and lay well throughout the summer and winter. They are also very tolerant of the cold weather.

Golden Comets

$3.29 each

These light red/golden chicks are bred for high brown egg production, good feed conversion, and excellent livability. A nice addition to any flock!

Buff Orpington

$3.29 each

This cold hearty breed is a dependable producer of brown eggs. They are quite docile which makes them great for young children. Their plumage is a beautiful buff-yellow color. They are a good addition to any flock.


$3.29 each

A beautiful bird with varying feather patterns. This breed is well-known for its different colored eggs. Very good temperament and cold hardy. A docile breed that adds to any flock.

Rare Breed Layers

Black Australorp

$4.99 each

These are calm, quiet, and good brown egg layers.  They are larger in size and also make good dual-purpose birds.

Blue Rock

$4.99 each

A cross between Barred Rock and Blue Andalusian these birds range in color from lavender to black.  They are good layers, very hardy, and cold tolerant.

Columbian Rock Cross

$4.99 each

Efficient egg producers even in the coldest climates. These birds have a calm demeanor.  

Meat Birds

Conventional Cornish Cross White Boiler

$1.89 each

This breed originated in Holland. They are extremely cold tolerant. They have a generally calm temperament and have burnt orange plumage with black throughout. They’re a medium-sized bird that lays dark brown eggs.

Imperial Broiler

$1.89 each

High-quality red or grey broilers. Imperial broilers are known for their texture meat and gourmet flavor. They grow at a moderate rate, and can be processed as early as 9 weeks or as late as 12 weeks of age.


Broad Breasted White

$8.49 each

Similar to those raised by commercial breeders; these birds offer a fast growth rate and great feed conversion.

Mammoth Bronze

$9.49 each

These colorful birds are similar to those raised by commercial breeders; these birds offer a fast growth rate and great feed conversion.

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