Seeking otherwise healthy one-legged chicken, sweet temperament

Seeking to adopt a sweet natured, affectionate one legged chicken between 0 and two or so years of age.

Sadie is a one-year old, one-legged rescue roo who lives like a king but yearns for a friend.
I tried two ‘everything included’ chicks this year, but in all candor they did what healthy chickens do: ran around and explored and ate and didn’t pay very much attention to him.
They’ve that right; I certainly laud perfect health.
At 4 months, I integrated them into a Neighbor’s backyard flock so they could grow up Chicken, but Sadie is my Best Guy; only pet; he’s wonderful, sweet, intelligent, protective, kind, empathic, dynamic, tons of personality, warm.
And lonely.
This time around? I’d love to give a FANTASTIC home to a chicken whose movement is more limited~through birth, injury, etc.:PLEASE don’t cut a mobile chicken’s leg off:in hopes she may enjoy Sadie’s company and attentions and they can live happily ever after, side by side.
Sadie is indoor/outdoor, VERY varied, healthy diet with tons of homemade foods and whole foods, fruits, vegetables, herbs, forage sprouts, etc. He has his own garden with appropriate growing-green things, too.
He’d like to share his food, life, good fortune, vet, Mother Hen {me}, and sweet nature with a buddy; I promise you this rescue chick I seek shall be loved, valued, known, spoiled, vetted, engaged, stimulated, comfortable, and adored: a member of our offbeat family.
I care for him 24/7, and he’s worth it; she will be, too.
Yes: THey’ll have as much autonomy, privacy, and independence as they want: A full life.
I own my home, am secure; they’ll have TONS of land and mixed terrain and their protected ‘Oasis’and whatever they seek, need, cotton to or inspire.
I do not care about eggs; I seek a full life for Sadie, and true happiness with his own kind.
He DOES need to become a bit more ‘chickenized’, I think no chicken will ever be fully self actualized or content if they’re treated as a china doll: I want for him the most fulfillment possible.
A BFF/Girlfriend who thrives under his wing will make all the difference.
If you’ve a ‘less desirable’ or ‘misfit’ no/one-legger who’d benefit from being Sadie’s number one {Mine too :)}?
Please consider gifting/relocating her to Sadie’s Oasis where she’ll live out her days as a Queen or as whatever her dream is, and to us? She’ll be perfect.
I’ll individualize her care to meet her needs, and constantly enrich and provide and challenge and learn from and cherish, etc.
Someday? Maybe they’ll raise a free-rangin’family; Sadie would e a GREAT dad.
I’m open to whatever makes them happiest, healthiest, and most ecstatic.
3-D prosthetic a possibility if she wants one; therapy, treatment or medical care WILL be ongoing.
I am not eager to pay for a rescue as I feel it’s ethically muddy, but I WILL provide receipts for a year and encourage visitation and stand up to scrutiny and provide VEt and personal references and would be glad of a home inspection and to involve you in her/their life to whatever degree you desire, should you be in love with a special needs chick of your own and be on the fence about rehoming her…
Please text if possible, call otherwise.
Photos galore available upon request; he’s even gained a bit of an online following {G+}, though this was by accident and he’s remained as humble and gregarious as ever.
I vow discretion and whatever level or anonymity or non-involvement you feel comfortable with for both you and our girl, if you have a preference.
Sadie’s left leg was amputated last Thanksgiving, at about the knee, following a canid attack at 8 weeks {I rescued him} and unsuccessful attempts at setting and misdiagnoses…
He sees an avian specialist routinely and is, I must say, very happy with himself and his lot and he’s devoted to me; he simply needs a true chicken friend.
Rescues out of state won’t adopt out to Vermont; I’ve been trying to rescue, adopt, buy, raise, introduce etc for a year.
PLEASE spread the word; this is a chance to change at least a few lives for the better and to help make a miracle.
Thank you so much for thinking of us,
{and of course Sadie, The One-Legged Rescue Roo}
By the Banks of The Mad River
Vermont, 2017
From: Rare Avis
Phone Number: 8025958757 please text
Address: Mad River Valley

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