Pet Peeves!

Winter Worries

Salt, snow, and ice can stick between your dog’s toes, and rub their paws raw. Protect their paws by:

  • Cleaning and drying your pet’s feet with warm water after a walk or run outside.
  • Buy your pet winter boots
  • Use products to protect and moisturize. Talk to your vet before using human products such as Vaseline or cooking spray, because anything you put on their paws will be easy for them to lick off and ingest.

Guys offers coats, boots, Musher’s Wax, Paw Stick and other products to prevent ice and snow build up, protect from salt and offer a non-toxic way to keep your pet’s paws comfortable this winter.

Care and Comfort

Your pets enjoy a winter wonderland just as much as you, but need you to supervise their time outside:

  • Monitor how long your pet has been out, especially on extra cold days.
  • Always provide them with shelter from the elements.
  • Make sure food and water isn’t frozen.

Solutions can be as simple as a plastic bowl to keep your dog’s tongue from freezing to a metal dish, or buying a heated water dish to keep water the perfect temperature. Explore the cool gadgets Guy’s has, and keep winter fun for your pet.

Living Inside?

Just like you, your pet’s skin dries out from frigid winter air AND the dry indoor air. At Guy’s you can find a multitude of options to relive itchiness.

  • Supplements for dry skin.
  • Vitamin infused oils and treats that give relief from the inside out.
  • Shampoos, conditioners, and sprays for immediate temporary help.

Discuss dry skin remedies with your vet, then come to the experienced team at Guys Farm and Yard. We’ll help you keep your pet flake free all winter.

It Gets Dark Earlier

The dark days of winter are upon us and our pets.

If you’re sick of mowing over misplaced chew toys every summer, fun winter alternatives like glow in the dark toys make sure your pets can pick up after themselves no matter how dark it gets.

During morning and evening runs, or in the event they escape the yard, reflective gear, leashes and collars make sure any pet is easily seen on the road.

Guys has an aisle of toys and gear that glow in the dark. Come find fun options and simple ways to keep your pet safe all winter.