Chick Days 2020

Order Egg-ceptional Fowl from Guy’s Farm and Yard!


Please print out order form(s) and submit in person at any of our retail stores.

Please Note:
We work with the hatcheries the best we can to establish dates for pick-up. Please keep in mind that these are live animals and we cannot always control when they will hatch, or arrive. We will always call you to let you know if your birds are here, and also to update you on potential changes. Please also be aware the hatchery provides us with a 90% rate of accuracy regarding the sex of your laying birds.

Thank you for your understanding.



Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Reds – $2.89 each


This “old-time breed” is very dark red in color. They are good producers of brown eggs.


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Barred Rock

Barred Rock – $2.89 each


This breed is one of the oldest and most well-known across the country, they are great family birds (kid-friendly), and lay well throughout the summer and winter. They are also very tolerant of the cold weather.


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Golden Comet

Golden Comets – $2.89 each


These light red/golden chicks are bred for high brown egg production, good feed conversion, and excellent livability. A nice addition to any flock!


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Buff Orpington

Buff Orpington – $2.89 each


This cold hearty breed is a dependable producer of brown eggs. They are quite docile which makes them great for young children. Their plumage is a beautiful buff-yellow color. They are a good addition to any flock.


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Ameraucana – $2.89 each


A beautiful bird with varying feather patterns. This breed is well-known for its different colored eggs. Very good temperament and cold hardy. A docile breed that adds to any flock.


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Meat Birds


Cornish Cross White Broiler

Conventional Cornish Cross White Broiler – $1.39 each


Fast-growing, high-quality meat bird. Bred for production, this Cornish Cross has excellent conformation; plump, tender breast meat; and good skin texture. This bird has an excellent feed conversion rate. Fryers at 5 weeks, roasters at 8-10 weeks.



Imperial Broiler

Imperial Broilers – $1.39 each


High-quality red or grey broilers. Imperial broilers are known for their texture meat and gourmet flavor. They grow at a moderate rate, and can be processed as early as 9 weeks or as late as 12 weeks of age.



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Broad Breasted White

Broad Breasted White – $6.99 each


Similar to those raised by commercial breeders; these birds offer a fast growth rate and great feed conversion.


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Mammoth Bronze

Mammoth Bronze – $7.99 each


These colorful birds are similar to those raised by commercial breeders; these birds offer a fast growth rate and great feed conversion.


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