Pet Food

Give your pet a longer, healthier life with better food.

Generic pet food brands and even some national brands contain fillers and byproducts, giving your pet the feeling of an endless fast-food diet.

Explore our Pet Food FAQs, contact our Guy’s Expert, or browse Our Brands below, to learn how a diet change can alleviate health concerns and offer a better quality of life for your pet.

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Brands we carry:

Grain-Free Food:

Grain is a popular filler and leading cause of digestive issues and allergies. Grain-free diets are an easy way to help your pet feel their best!

Blue BuffaloEVOInfiniaNatures Variety

NuloOrijenTaste of the WildWellness Brand



Filler-Free / By-Product-Free Food:

Even if your pet doesn’t have special health needs, you can still boost their energy and well-being with a diet free of fillers and byproducts.

Blue BuffaloCalifornia NaturalCanidaeDave's Pet Food

Earth BornHolistic SelectMerrickNatures Variety

Pro-NatureWellness Brand


Limited / Unique Ingredient Food:

Chicken and turkey are staple ingredients in many pet foods, but they are also top allergens for animals. Sometimes, a diet with varied and unique ingredients can help control allergies.

AcanaAlmo NatureFussie CatHonest Kitchen

Natural BalanceSojosStella ChewysWeruva

Open Farm


Raw Food:

Raw food is a newer movement in pet diets and takes education to handle properly. Make sure to talk pros and cons with your vet before embracing a raw diet.

Aunt Jeni'sNatures VarietyPrimalTucker's Raw

Vermont Raw


Additional Pet Food Brands:

Best Feline FriendChicken Soup for the SoulEukanubaExclusive

LoyallPro-FormRed Flannel


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